Tag LineWhen Project U.S.E. started taking people into the outdoor classroom in 1970 we had little idea of the breadth and scope our programs would span decades later. As a nonprofit educational organization we provide acclaimed experiential learning opportunities to more than 6,000 young people and adults each year. Specializing in the out-of-the-ordinary, our tools and tactics support academic learning and promote self-respect, strong character and social and environmental consciousness. read more
Experiential Education
Enhancing Academic + Social Learning
Long before “differentiated instruction” came to be buzz words in education, Project U.S.E. understood that children and adults learn in different ways. Most, in fact, learn best by doing. Furthermore, we understand that schools face a fundamental challenge: making education meaningful and relevant to youth. read more
Job Readiness + Life Skills
Preparing Young People for Life-long Success
Employers who hire entry-level workers look for individuals who are reliable, respectful, work well on a team, have a positive attitude, and possess a strong work ethic. Individuals who are entering the workforce can benefit from financial planning and budgeting, creating resumes, and interviewing skills. read more
Professional Development
Supporting Institutions + Communities
Schools, corporations, social service providers, and other professional communities benefit from experiential programs that highlight team development, group process, leadership skills and communication styles. We design and present programs...read more